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Experienced Criminal Lawyers in Kelowna

We all make mistakes. Sometimes these mistakes lead to unexpected situations and necessitate intervention by a criminal lawyer. Kelowna residents can turn to Heritage Law Group for experienced criminal law representation. We will give you competent legal representation and work with you to make the most out of your situation.

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Experienced Aide from Criminal Lawyers in Kelowna 

Our chief objective is making sure your rights are protected. Don’t navigate the legal system on your own—find help from a criminal lawyer in Kelowna. As a small, specialized firm, we focus on two things: you and your legal rights.

The Heritage Law Group also believes in being honest and transparent. Criminal charges can carry dire consequences, so we’ll be upfront and realistic while we work with you. Through clear communication, you will know where your case stands. Together our trusted criminal lawyers in Kelowna can pursue the proper course of action.

If you’re facing criminal charges and need assistance, contact The Heritage Law Group for your criminal lawyer in Kelowna as your legal representation. If you’re not sure if we are the right firm for your specific situation, give us a call to speak with an experienced criminal lawyer in Kelowna. We listen to all potential cases and happily provide free initial consultations.

Contact us today at 250‑868‑2848.

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