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We Specialize in Family Law in Kelowna

Specialized Family Lawyers in Kelowna

Nothing matters more than family. Therefore, when you face family troubles that require legal intervention, you may also face stress, pain, and confusion. We assure you that these reactions are completely normal.

When you experience these issues, turn to someone who cares and has extensive experience to back it up. At The Heritage Law Group, we have family lawyers in Kelowna who can give you the personalized attention your situation requires. Whether you need help with child support cases, division of property, guardianship or child access, our talented family lawyers in Kelowna are here to answer your questions and to provide strategic feedback to help you.

Family Law in Kelowna and More

With employees from right here in Kelowna, The Heritage Law Group is proud to give legal advice and representation to residents of Kelowna and the Lake Country for various aspects of family law, such as separation and divorce. Our ties to the community are strong—we see our clients as friends and neighbours that we care about.


As your trusted family lawyers in Kelowna, we offer a dedicated, personalized approach to all our family law cases in Kelowna.


Divorce and separation are serious matters. We help you understand your options.


Custody and access disputes affect some of the most sensitive and vulnerable people in your life—your children. We help you fight to get what’s best for your child.

common law

At The Heritage Law Group, we treat your common law or co-habitation relationship with respect and dignity.


The following are some common questions our family lawyers receive regularly:

  • Who Gets Custody of My Children?
    In most cases, a biological or adoptive parent gets custody of the children. However, in some scenarios, third parties can apply to get custody. Some common examples of third parties who can get custody are grandparents, aunts, uncles or step-parents. Usually, it is more challenging for non-biological and non-adoptive parents to take custody, but it is possible if they illustrate that it is in the best interests of the child to do so. With regards to the parent who gets custody, it is usually the primary caregiver. To get a clearer idea, we recommend scheduling an appointment with us.
  • What Do I Do If My Spouse Is Not Paying Child Support?
    The Government has established a BC Family Maintenance Enforcement Program, which assists you in implementing child support obligations free of charge. The organization will need one of the following: A Court Order that demands a parent to pay child support. An Agreement, which is generally a separation agreement where the parties have delineated the terms of child support.
  • How Long Does It Take to Get a Divorce?
    Generally, a divorce in BC can take up to 12 months because you will have to be separated for that period to be eligible to get a divorce. However, a divorce can be expedited if: Your spouse has committed adultery. Your spouse has subjected you to mental and physical cruelty.
  • If I Move Out of the Family Home Do I Lose My Claim to Any Property Rights?
    No. There is no law of abandonment. For many, living together prior to separation can be difficult and moving out may be the only option.

Family Lawyer in Kelowna

We are an experienced team offering a range of services.

Contact The Heritage Law Group today for a free initial consultation. You have nothing to lose and family stability to gain.

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